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AR9002WB-1NG wifi combo card(AR9285 + AR3011 (bluetooth))

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Hello all,

I have a AR9002WB-1NG wifi combo card(AR9285 + AR3011 (bluetooth))


From lsusb for BT


Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0cf3:3005 Atheros Communications, Inc. AR3011 Bluetooth



I got the wifi working just with a plist edit:









for the bluetooth instead I'm confused… I've seen around two methods for this: Atheros Firmware Uploader or IOath3kfrmwr.kext


The first one (FW uploader) gives me a i5:ath3k-firmware-uploader tom$ ./ath3k-firmware-uploader

Atheros AR3011 not found error.


The second one is a bit cryptic.. I've added the device id in the plist converting it into decimal value.. but I don't get any kind of output in the Console or anywhere else.. is there a log somewhere to understand if this has been loaded or errors etc..?


This my edit for my device(ID 0cf3:3005):








PS Is there another method for BT? Suggestions? I'm running 10.8.2





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i suspect a power on switch on pinouts of the combo card. . pin 21 is for wifi but on that i dont know.

it could also be the rev of the card.. not many have gotten it to work.. if any


as for the plsit edit. u can fake id 2A in dsdt and never have to edit the plist

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I managed to have it works by turning on bluetooth using blueutil. :)




I managed to compile IOath3kfrmwr.kext from github and it works on my 10.6.8 HDD (1).


However, I have another 10.6.8 setup on another HDD (2) which reports the bluetooth is off and it cannot detect or detected by any other devices.


HDD (1) was a copy of HDD (2), it is the image of HDD (1) at one point in time, but not used/updated. 


I did a diff of the 2 drives S/L/E and couldn't find any differences.


Any idea why HDD (2) reports bluetooth is off?

How to resolve my issue beside restoring HDD(1) to HDD(2) ?



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