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Second sleep problem

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Samsung laptop running fine with 10.8.2 no problems. All working. Sleeps no problem in hiberbatemode 3 fans turn off, screen turns off, wakes up with around 6 clicks of the power button which is wierd plus another two to get the screen back on.


When I then want to sleep the machine a second time it won't "deep" sleep, screen turns off but fans keep whirling and with just 2 clicks on the power button the machine is usable again.

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are you using dark wake option in Chameleon?


Thanks eep357 for the reply!


No I am not using the darkwake option. I just set it and restarted and the same behaviour was observed. Deep sleep on the first sleep, machine wakes with 6 presses off the power button (+2 more pushes for the screen to turn on again). But the next sleep is not " deep" and fans start whirling more than usual after 20 or so seconds. 2 presses of the power button and the screen is on and machine is ready to use again.

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Interestingly enough, I have the same problem on my Samsung machine. First sleep is deep and the power LED turns off. Wake takes a few pushes of the button. On the second sleep, the LED remains on, fans turn off as normal but start up again after 2-3 minutes. One push of the power button brings the display back.


In both cases, the system log reports the power button as being the wake reason (PWRB) which is expected. Both sleep causes are the same (5, which I believe implies it was user initiated) and there are no preceding wake reasons on the second sleep cycle.


I've already eliminated the sleepimage in /var/vm as being the cause since forcing it to regenerate by deleting it after the initial sleep doesn't fix the problem. I didn't think it would anyway since the sleepimage is only ever utilised to recover from an unexpected shutdown (only on real Macs as far as I'm aware). That being said, I tried forcing sleepimage to be used by starting with ForceWake=Yes but this did not remedy the problem. At the moment I'm focussing on _WAK. I do however get the growing feeling that the cause is outside the scope of the OS since the kernel is unaware that the machine wakes up mid sleep (since it detects PWRB as the wake reason every time). We'll see though, too early to say at the moment.

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