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Need Help Installing Windows XP Drivers on my MacBook

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Hi, maybe this is the wrong site for this, but it came up in google when searching for a forum for bootcamp help, and Im not computer-savvy enough to pass quiz-2 on this site and post in the boot-camp forum. Anyways:


Im installing Windows XP Pro 64-bit on my 2008 Macbook, with the 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Dual, 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM, and OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard) but having some troubles.


I have sucessfully installed XP onto the computer, but I cant get the drivers installed. Following the Apple Bootcamp instructions, I get to step 3.2:


Insert the Mac OS X disc.

If the installer doesn’t start automatically, browse the disc using Windows Explorer and double-click the setup.exe file in the Boot Camp directory.

Well instead of anything remotely related to the above, I get the following install assistant, talking about a MacBook Air?!



The Bootcamp instructions say to browse the disc and find setup.exe if it doesnt automatically launch, but I cant "browse" the disc. Ive never used these CD's before...did they include the wrong CD's in my box when I first bought it? Ive never even touched, let alone owned a MacBook Air, so its not like I just grabbed the wrong CD or something.


My question is: how can I get the Drivers required installed on my computer so I can proceed to use Windows?


Thank you for your help!

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Can you close that window>go to My Computer>RT click on DVD>choose browse or open(just not auto-run)>continue with step 3.2?


Also installing that drive sharing won't hurt, it says macbook air because when that CD was released, it was only mac without a DVD drive and thus the only one that might need to "borrow" one from a Windows PC

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I cant right click, because the driver isnt installed I guess.


I was able to get into the files of the disc by opening(double clicking) on the CD drive BEFORE putting the disc in. Then when the disc is inserted it updates the folder that is already open and all the files are visible.


But then clicking on setup.exe says that 64-bit is unsupported on my computer so it wont run. But! I opened the drivers folder and there was an installer specifically for 64-bit drivers, so I click on that and it says I needed to have atleast XP SP2.


My install CD is dated June 2006, and SP2 was released in 2004, I assumed I had SP2. I opened system properties, and I do infact have SP1.

I am going to try to update to SP2(via downloading the upgrade.exe on mac, putting it on a cd, then grabbing it from that in Windows, lol. A lot of work to get the upgrade since I dont have internet without the drivers in windows yet.

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Ok, updated to SP2. So now running XP Pro x64 with SP2 on 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook. Find the SP2 update was a pain in the ass. Windows had it well hidden, and the SP2 updates for non-x64 systems doesnt work


But...still need drivers. Since XP x64 is technically windows 2003(I did not know this until after I bought the disc), the Apple provided drivers still dont work.


So I cant connect to the internet and cant right click. Those are my two major complaints. I thought I found a Dell driver to fix the internet issue, but it didnt work. Anyone help me out there?


Please and thank you!

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