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Mac App Store "Unknown error has occured"

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10.6.8, AMD (nawcom kernel), RTL8111E. Mac App Store is giving me "Unknown error" when logging in after hitting "buy app".


Steps taken:


1. Install official RTL8111E Mac drivers from Realtek and set up Ethernet: Nothing.


2. EthernetBuiltIn=Yes: Nothing.


3. Install Lnx2Mac RTL81xx kext/driver and set up Ethernet again: Nothing.


4. Create valid SMBios.plist: Nothing.


5. Smash head on keyboard: hjngvb.


6. Ask the geniuses at InsanelyMac.


Has anyone experienced my problem to this extent? If so, how did you fix it? iTunes works fine. D:

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On a similar note, I tried to include the basics that should be tried first and even some of the more rare "tough cases" fixes here

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