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Help Patching Dell 1749 DSDT i3 370M

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I am having trouble patching my DSDT for my Dell 1749.


I am experiencing a few problems with my machine at the current time.


Sleep works but can sometimes beep when waking up, seems to be when I'm pressing a key or something.

Laptop does not go to sleep when lid is closed, however it does wake when opening the lid O.o

-I have looked up various things to patch this, I'm not sure whether I made it wake up when lifting lid or whether that was in there already.

Graphics don't seem 100% my card definately feels like it's being bottlenecked or restricted in some way.

I don't think SpeedStepping is working and this is giving me other issues.

Sound goes {censored}ed up after waking from sleep, however when I move windows (do things) it seems to sound good for a second and then go back.

I guess my CPU isn't properly set up although I have no idea how to patch it with Speedstepping.


I have been using busratio=18 but that doesn't seem to help

I commented off a few CPUs in DSDT, there were 8 and I put them down to 4.

I don't know why there were 8 I have a dual core i3 so no way are there ever gonna be 8 cores or logical processors.


My Battery detection also does not work, I used VoodooBattery and that detects the power being in and out.

I am using iMac 11,2 SMBIOS as it is closest to my laptops hardware, Clarkdale i3 etc.

As I say I have no idea how to patch this stuff and hopefully someone can patch it for me if they would be so kind :)


My System Specs:

Dell Studio 1749

Intel i3 370M @ 2.4GHz

AMD Radeon HD 5650 (Loaded using ATY_init.kext and using Nomascus framebuffer, QE enabled)


Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

iMac 11,2 SMBIOS


Chameleon Config

<key>Graphics Mode</key>
<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<key>Legacy Logo</key>

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