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how to find all pictures of the same person when I already had one pic of her?

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I don't know how to find all pictures of my friends in the internet when I already had one pic of her. I think about a software which can recognize the face of my friend and find all pictures of her. but I don't know whether that software exist. Please tell me

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Facial recognition software is quite complex. I only found one reference to something that an ordinary person can buy (quick search and I am quite ordinary) and it was just for using your face as your password on your iPhone. This is government big time stuff here and they have big issues with it. In the US, quite a few states will not let you smile when your picture is taken for a drivers license / state issued ID because it fools the facial recognition systems they have in place.


I imagine that this will become more prevalent in the future, especially for consumer applications. For now though, you are stuck with going to sites that you think might have the picture on.


HERE is a good article on the ways facial recognition is being used by companies on us.


hope that helps!

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