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What after hazard?

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I've successfully installed Mac OS X 10.6.6i distro by Hazard and now I'd like to newer version(possibly the newest).

Does it mean that the kexts I've used to make my Graphic card, Network and Sound work in the Hazard distro, will work in the retail version?

I assume that installing clean unedited version is better but I'm just not sure whether it's worth trying.



Thanks for the help!

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In addition to Rampage Dev's recommendations, please provide us with some specifications about your system (CPU, Motherboard, Graphics & Model Number if applicable). Adding more specific information allows us to respond quickly with more precise answers. Chipset, LAN, Audio & If your Graphics are integrated or not, are excellent additions.


You can also place this information in your "Signature". It will then appear on every post you make. This can be done via My Controls: http://forum.insanel...p;hl=signatures


Please follow the rules described in this thread (Most importantly keeping your signature to no more than 5 lines of normal text: http://forum.insanel...p;hl=signatures


With this information, we can point you in the right direction.

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Partially you have already answered :)- if I've installed one it doesn't mean that it will work with any. I will edit my signature in a moment.


First of all I've installed Mac OS X using this guide: http://www.insanelym...ll-studio-1555/

My laptop: Dell 1555

Mobo: I don't really know how to find that info when I'm using Mac OS :(, that's what I've found using Ubuntu liveCD: http://i48.tinypic.com/352ptti.png

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo P8700

LAN: Broadcom Netlink BCM5787M LAN

WiFi: Intel 5100(won't work anyway)

GFX: ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 512 MB ram



Northbridge: Intel Cantiga PM45

Southbridge: Intel 82801IM ICH9-M

Audio: IDT 92HD73C1(not sure if it isn't just a Windows driver symbol)

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Google your laptop model and look for a spec sheet. It should give you the information you are looking for.

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Thank you. You were right, I was able to get into the installer with the parameters you provided.

Unfortunately I've experienced "boot0: error", which I fixed relatively fast with the little help of Google :).


Now I've found the answer to my first question myself, because kexts I've used in the 10.6.6 aren't compatible with 10.8 OS, or I don't know how to make it work.

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I do. After failing with 10.8 I've reinstalled 10.6.6 again. Here is the list of kext displayed by System Info program: http://imm.io/O75x

But I've also applied ATY_Init.kext and IO80211Family.kext files which aren't listed there.


I assume that it's bad about the distros that I don't really know what has happened during the installation and post installation process.

But I've fallowed this guide and applied kexts included there(you can see it in the image- red dots) + I've replaced following files: /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist, /Extra/SMBios.plist and /boot using the tool DSDTPatcherGUI_1.zip included in the guide, files were in the archive Dell_Studio_1555.zip also posted in the guide.

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