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I'm moving to OS X as my main OS, but I would still like to play my Windows games virtualized in Parallels.


I was considering the i5 3570 since that has great performance, best value for money (£160)


However I could spend up to £200 on an i7 if it is really worth the money. Would hyperthreading & 8 threads really be worth the extra money in this situation?


How much would it help performance to play my virtualised games, and what VM settings would you use in either case?




My other specs will be:




Nvidia GTX 560 Ti


12gb 1333mhz RAM


Vertex 4 + HDDs for VMs & storage.



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I checked recently and virtualised windows gaming is now a reality with Vt-x and Vt-d at near native performance. The Vt-d enables IO resources of the gfx card to be assigned by the system direct to the VM. Parallels and Vmware have made significant strides in 3D acceleration.


However I could go that route as well, as long as I could also get that Windows install to boot in a VM too. Its just so awkward dual booting if your main system has lots open. Thanks for the reply

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Thats pretty impressive.

Parallels has supported this for ages and IHMO it would be a far better setup. You could install windows to an SSD then virtualise it - once you go to an SSD booting from HDDs is just anoying

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