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    • By albcc
      I used OpenCore with this configuration:
      -b450i Aorus pro wifi
      - ryzen2700
      - rx5700
      - dw1560
      I followed the instruction and Catalina 10.5.2 works flawlessly. Usb power, bluetooth patched, iCloud,  airplay. audio, gpu.
      The only thinks that aren't working are iMessage, FaceTime and handoff.
      iMessage Error: a.cicala@logicsolution.com
      FaceTime Error: This account has not reachable addresses. Please signing to appleid.apple.com in order to add one.
      I think it could be related to ROM configuration in PlatformInfo-> Generic -> Rom 
      But even if I tries to change the value it doesn't seems to work.
      Steps I've done:
      - Change Rom Value
      - Change entirely the Generic settings
      - Used CloverConfigurator to create a new rom value
      - checked that en0 is stetted in Wifi
      - removed  [~/Library/Caches/com.apple, ... , networkPreferences.plist] files
      Is anything wrong I'm doing in the rom code creation? I attach my config.plist (without  smUUID) maybe in OpenCore I should use not data but string type?
    • By Hectorsky
      Hello InsanelyMac users,
      I'm constantly getting into troubles with iMessage & FaceTime on my Hackintosh.
      When I'm trying to activate iMessage on my hackintosh I'm getting message to contact apple with a customer code.
      Registration failed for <private> (Error: 31) My build is based on Lenovo ThinkCentre M83 MT which specifications is:
      CPU: Intel Core i7-4770
      MB: Lenovo SHARKBAY (Intel Q85)
      AD: Realtek 662v2
      LAN: Intel I217-LM
      BL: Clover 5070
      Native NVRAM
      My SMBIOS seems be properly generated for iMac14,2
      I've used macserial to generate serial numbers and MLB.
      For RTVariables I've use MacAddr0 of my LAN Card.
      Maybe someone else haves idea which thing can cause these errors?
    • By RagK
      Hey I am running Mojave on my Desktop
      I am facing this issue after I open AppStore Can't connect to App Store
      I am using USB Tethering from an android phone after installing HoRNDIS-9.2
      Also I wrote this Post on my Mac so there is no problem of internet 
      I have also added this screenshot .
      Please Help to your fullest ! 

    • By ezyrdr
      hello yall!
      i was lucky enough to get maldon help for this asus h97m-e/csm build with a core i5 4440 and 16GB ddr3 (MSI GeForce GT710 2GB)...was updatable till 10.14.3...but i got the update to 10.14.4 right when it was available, n it didn't work...everything booted nicely, but after verbose i got a black screen, just like the one i got with mojave/high sierra when i didn't had the latest smc...
      i think it might be that, the fakesmc, but i couldn't tell if it aint the nvidia graphics board...nvidia is now out of hackintosh game i guess...but this gt710 is very compatible, n i don't think they changed the requirements in the middle of a build...
      also now on 10.14.3 i can't log to App Store...dont know why, cause i was checkin that app on the daily, n never got a problem under 14.3 (i can log in iTunes and books, seems there's a problem with 14.3 for App Store i didn't realize before)
      everything is nice besides that, n i whipped the drive n reinstalled mojave, then i updated to 14.3 with the update combo dmg from apple...i can only think of your help guys, since the fakesmc´s didn't update no mo lately (rehabman´s)...
    • By Installus
      Hello all!
      I have successfully got my Hackbook online, using USB tethering. Thanks to Herve (can't use special characters, you know who you are!), I also got my audio working.
      I am very much ready to begin setting up iCloud, the App Store, and iMessage/FaceTime. Those services (especially the latter two) are what got me into hackintoshing.
      Problem: The listed services fail to sign me in. iCloud sign in from System Preferences returns "Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud."
      FaceTime returns a registration process fail, the App Store reports that my computer can't be verified, and iMessage reports an activation error. However, iTunes works, except no Apple Music.
      Intel Core i7-2630QM
      GeForce GT 525M (using integrated HD 3000 graphics instead)
      Custom Dell L502X A12 BIOS w/ UEFI support
      OS X Mavericks 10.9.5
      AppleALC + VoodooHDA for audio
      VoodooPS2Controller (trackpad kext likes to cause KP during boot, sometimes)
      Any possible fixes for this?
      Thanks in Advance!