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Help!How can i install Hackintosh on my computer

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How can i install hackintosh to my computer?

Everytime i try to install(i try many distributions)it says:Still waiting for root device or Checking sleep capability-OHCI controller will be disabled across sleep.I succed with Zephyroth 10.5.2 Rev 2 but it's only 10.5.2!!when i try to update to 10.5.8 it install for a while and then it appear a gray backround and say to restart,after i restart and osx is loading it appear "kernel panic,unsupported cpu".How can i install another distribution (10.6x)or update Zephyroth OSX ?

Here are my pc specs:

Cpu: Amd Athlon LE-1640

Motherboard:Asrock N61P-S

Video: Onboard

Audio: Onboard

Network: Onboard

PS:sorry for my poor english

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