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ASRock Z77e ITX/EVGA GTX650 1GB/3570K

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So I'm ready for a second hack. This is mainly for video and audio editing + some general productivity/web development.

I like it silent, and I like it to render quick. And it's gotta be BAWS. I'm overclocking to 4.5 for now, but want to leave room for 5.0GHz. Here's what I've chosen and reason why I chose them. Thoughts?


ASRock A77e ITX: Better OC options than the Zotac, $30 cheaper than the Asus I Deluxe. Can't control CPU PLL, but that's about the only drawback vs the Asus.


3570K: Hyperthreading sounded a bit gimmicky. I'll attain the i7 speeds through overclocking anyway, and save some significant moolah.


EVGA GTX650 1GB (non-Ti version): It's here FINALLY. The GT640 came highly recommended by the tonymac custom builds in terms of compatibility but was highly crippled performance-wise, so I figured that the GTX650 that anandtech billed as definitely better than the GT640 is a no brainer. It's only all of about $10 more than the GT640 (albeit with 2GB, but D3). My rationale for going cheap here is that I'm not a gamer, but if them CUDA cores on the 660 etc. can significantly save me time rendering/encoding, please speak up. otherwise I'll keep the money in my pocket. Shame 7770 isn't compatible, cuz it's at the same pricepoint. in any case, I have a 6670 giving me headaches now, so probably best to stick with NVIDIA


Bitfenix Prodigy Black: White isn't open to air in front. Nice form factor for my desk. Apparently the polymer "arms" are unstable, but I can live with that.


Twin Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB in RAID 0: 1TB per platter BABY YEAH!! Need to get the W1Exxxxxx series though. We'll see if newegg will buckle. Looking at some 400MB/s transfers here. DROOL... Almost half price on Newegg now. That really pushed me over the edge.


Samsung 830 128GB SSD: Probably the best out there right now, and it's cheap. MLC. none of that 840 TLC {censored}. M4 came close, but anandtech likes the sammy for mac. This will be only for OS and apps.


XSPC Raystorm 740 RX240: The Noctuas/Phanteks with fans will come up pretty close to the XSPC prices, so I figured I'd give water a shot. Runs quieter and gives me more headroom for OC. Plus here on the equator, ambient temps get HOT!


Zalman Fan Mate 2: I'll get 2 or 3 of these, one for the case fans, one for the rad fans and one for the pump fan. turn them down when I'm just web surfing to add to the excess NOISELESSNESS.


G.Skill Ares 2x8GB CL9 1600: Will see how these OC. Initially thought the ripjaws looked cool, but these are cheaper. how hot can ram get anyway. Will be using one of them 8GB as RAMDisk.


Cougar Vortex: Might get these to swap out the stock case fans or rad fans. Not sure yet. Can't use them with the controller though since they're PWM.



Thats it! Please critique re compatibility and performance. All suggestions welcome!! Cheers hackers!

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Did you ever manage to get this rig up and running OS X?  I've got the same specs as you only difference i'm running sandy bridge 2500k on mine. I'm  having some issues with mine. I'm using clover and for some strange reason it can't  boot on its own.  Here's what i get upon boot 

Maybe im missing something in the settings under bios because no matter what i do, i always get can't find boot drive error message.


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