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[Solved] kernel panic after the combo update 10.7.5 when plug USB

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I install a combo update of lion 10.7.5 in my running 10.7.3

after the installation before reboot the system i ran a script from this site http://www.souldevte...n-a-hackintosh/


my machine reboot successfully but when i plug my phone using USB cable suddenly kernel panic appear .so how to solve this issue.


I need your help ,its very urgent


Please help me

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I see you read this already http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284139-kernel-panic-when-inserting-usb-flash-drive-after-1075-update/ but am not sure what part you don't understand?


Depending on what additional extensions you had to install/modify when first installing OSX, you should be able to just copy your appleHDA.kext to the desktop, re-run the combo update and don't use any silly script, and reinstall your appleHDA.kext using kext wizard or similar when your done.


or: use Pacafist which you can download for free and use it to open the combo update, it will list all the files included in the update, go to IOStorageFamily.kext and click extract, when it asks if you want to extract with admin privileges say yes and enter user name and password

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Thanks eep357(Moderator)

I figure out the solution.

i unpack the combo update of 10.7.5 using upak application and copy the IOStorageFamily.kext in to desktop and install it using Kext installer

After restarting my mac the probleam was fix. Now i can plug USB Devices.


Thanks for your support

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Hello guys, @nithin121 i had the same problem, can you give me these IOStorageFamily.kext,please?


Other question.. when it starts without USB devices,the system hangs-up (NVEnabler..probe fail). I have got Nvidia 9200 M-GS. In Lion 10.7.2-10.7.4 it works. ON Lion 10.7.5 no, are there any solutions? thanks!

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