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What are resemble expectations of OSX install on tower


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I have spent more time than I care to think about messing around with Media Servers. I was introduced to PLEX on my Mac Mini which did everything but stream Live TV from my HDHomerun to my Roku's. I suspect its due to lack of strength of the Mini to do real time transcoding.


Thus I am here. Since I have had no luck with other Media Servers and Roku. And Plex for Linux has failed me. I am considering building a full size tower running OSX to only be used as a PLEX MEDIA SERVER.


My question is, what kind of ability’s should I expect from a decently built tower running OSX?


ASUS P8H77-V LE ATX Intel Motherboard

Intel Core i7-3770 (Ivy) 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor

ASUS GeForce 610 GT 1GB (LP) Video Card (Fanless)

Lots of RAM

SATA HD's (will consider raid 0)


Is it resemble of me to exect a tower built like above to be able to handle being a media server which needs to be able to transcode in real time for a family (we have 2 roku unit's, looking at 2 more)? Is quad core i7 too much?




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