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GPU Test 0.4 (TessMark, FurMark, GiMark,...) good OpenGL Bench!

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Tess worked already with 10.8.3 (if dev avoids OpenGL version checks). Tess may not work on all gpus right now - AMD os x driver seems to have some probs with the TessMark.

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The new version runs properly and does not lock up anymore.


0.6.1 Changelog


Bugfix release for Mac OS X only. The CSV file (for benchmark scores) was no longer generated at the end of a benchmark.

This CSV file is stored in the root folder of the current user (_geeks3d_gputest_scores.csv).


0.6.0 Changelog

  • added a Tkinter user graphical interface for Linux.
  • added Mac OS X 10.9 support.
  • added command line option to disable GPU monitoring on Windows: /no_gpu_monitoring
  • added GPU monitoring on Windows (enabled by default).
  • added command line option to enable the display of information in the 3D window: /display_info
  • added a hotkey (I) to enable / disable the display of information (Windows only).
  • added the display of information about the current test in the 3D window (disabled by default).
    The display of information is not available in benchmark mode.
  • Updated with latest 3d framework.

These are the benchmark results for an XFX HD 7870:





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New version 0.7.0 arrived:


0.7.0 Changelog

  • added online score database.
  • added temperature graph (OSI) when available.
  • added new Julia FP64 fractal test (OpenGL 4.0).
  • added new Julia FP32 fractal test (OpenGL 2.1 / 3.0).
  • updated with latest 3d framework.

Contains first FP64 OpenGL bench for OS X.

My 1250/6000 MHz, 215W TDP 7950 beats the Titan :D

It beats 7970 as well.





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