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P8Z77-V Pro Optical Drive

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Hey all, have pretty much ground out my last few residual issues w/ my P8Z77-V Pro build but have one small nuisance. On boot, my optical drive door opens and on restart it closes again... The eject button on Apple keyboard doesn't work... This is w/ Sony Optiarc that worked fine on prior gigabyte board. It keeps creating little hazmat folders in Finder where the drive should be, sometimes I'll get multiple folders like this w/ reboots. Is somewhat irritating, I virtually never use the drive to begin with lol.


I saw one other post like this here w/ somebody else w/ a P8Z77 board, but there was never a resolution mentioned. Just curious if anyone has seen/dealt w/ this one.


Actually I just stuck a disc in and it's not detecting it whatsoever....


It does list the Optiarc in system profiler... Not sure what gives though, perhaps osx doesn't like the sata port it's plugged into /shrug.

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It has to be plugged into one of the intel sata ports, then use this

Why don't you start a new topic for this kext ? :D

anyway, I cant get you through message.

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