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DSDT for Dell Dimension 9200 (aka XPS 410)

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I have attached the DSDT.aml for my Dell XPS 410 rig which I tried to optimise for sound output, particularly HDMI...


please have a look at the thread I made (about the particular graphics cards I now use):




What I have noticed is that when we use different video output ports, the NVCAP value changes in the hardware ioregister... so we need more than one entry for video ports...

I used only one which only allowed me to input one NVCAP at a time (of course NVCAP can also be included in the chameleon plist)...


The NVCAP calculated from the graphics card rom dump corresponds I believe to the port closest to the mobo...


In my thread I detail all these things...


The problems I still have are:


- No system control of HDMI sound... (but hdmi sound available to applications, and it is possible to control the hdmi sound from within the apps, like vlc, quicktime, etc.)


- Having to reboot at least twice to get to the desktop when using pure HDMI connection...


- No on-board HD sound for the Sigmatel 9227 (but that is ok because my external usb creative sound is recognised natively now by Mountain Lion)


I used VoodooHDA 2.73 modded info.plist for hdmi...


Any help appreciated...


Last question: does Slice Clover upgrade Chameleon safely and nicely? I want to try to see if it improves hardware detection and operation...

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Remove VoodooHDA and reinstall AppleHDA then restart. Next extract a IOreg and DSDT from your system and post it here. Please list the GPU and BIOS version.


Maybe I can learn here :)


Here goes:

GeForce GTS 450 VGA BIOS



and attachments...


incidentally, using the native AppleHDA.kext gave me trouble to reach the GUI in ML (I remember doing a time delay patch..., I might need to do it again)...




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Install this DSDT in your extra folder then restart and post a new IOreg.



No sound detection yet (in MLion)... Dell9200_2.ioreg.zip


An improvement with VoodooHDA thanks to something I found out, so far only obeserved in Snow Leo, and I did not check yet if sound does come out from the onboard sound card (sound does come out from HDMI but I only would get HDMI out without the HDEF onboard output)...


more later, this little observation might deserve a thread of its own, if it indeed allows sound out, not just cosmetic appearance...


another thing, I booted straight into Mountain Lion, without having to do it several times before the GUI kicks in... don't know if it's being lucky, or your DSDT solved this, which in itself will be great...

so I will use this same DSDT on Lion, and see how it fares (I have VoodooHDA on Lion)...


Well booting up into the GUI, I think now your DSDT patch fixes it...

I am now in Lion, and also at my first attempt I booted into the GUI...

so far so good...

sound is not detected in System Profiler despite VoodooHDA, but now both HDMI and some output ports of the on-board get detected...

before only HDMI will be on System Profiler...

nothing to do with your mod though, as this is due to my mod of VoodooHDA 2.73 / 2.74 which I will explain later...

so something in your DSDT interferes with this (cosmetic HDMI in System Profiler)


If I plug in my external Creative USB SoundBlaster it will get detected as it is now native in ML... (probably a deal between Apple and Creative, lol!)


PS I included my VoodooHDA findings here:


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I guess this is a better improved DSDT for Dell Dimension 9200 with Geforce GTX 470


dvi-i to hdmi


hdmi nvidia and onboard sigmatel 9277 hidef sounds nicely handled by VoodooHDA though (using no-KP's voodooloader)


and put up together in Snow Leopard using ioreg data (0 errors, 0 warnings, 0 comments in iasml compilation):



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