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Help with Intel DG35EC SL install


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Hi all, this is my first desktop hackintosh and I built it on an older board. I installed via Boot-321 & #####, disabled GraphicsEnabler, and loaded kext for LAN. Here's my equipment:


Intel DG35EC motherboard



DVD-writer on SATA1


My issues after 10.6.8 install are that each time I start my machine from dead cold, it cannot find the harddisk. However if I disconnect power to my DVD-writer and reboot then all is well. Later once the machine has warmed a bit, if I reboot with the DVD-writer plugged in everything is suddenly fine. Next my audio is not working, I have tried the Azalia, AppleHDA, and VooDooHDA but still no luck. Lastly the system does not sleep and when I command a shutdown it will shutdown for about 1 second and reboot itself. Anyone have any ideas why the system is acting the way it does?


I have installed on a few laptops and netbooks and none have had such symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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