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(Help) Fix my brightness and sleep (Acer 5750G)

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Hello Guys!


I am running my first Hachintosh [Mac Lion] fairly good, but I have a problem with the sleep and brightness. The sleep doesn't work, the screen goes black and remains black even if I try to wake it up. I have to shutdown my laptop manually to get back to the desktop. The problem with the brightness it is too high even if I lower it down to the very end. The brightness level remains 50 percent bright even while the slider is one step level from the end like below.





My laptop is Aspire Acer 5750-9292 with Intel HD 3000 graphics only and Mac OS X 10.7.3 installed on it.

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Sir, here in this forum do not help people in this way, do not write these things, wait until you read and some will help you without paying


I spent more than 3 months in a loop trying to fix these two problems, but so far there is no solution. I am exhausted trying to fix it on my own, I do not care if I have to donate money to solve these issues.

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Hi ammar555,


the best way for returning the favor is to respect the forum rules and his "spirit".


we are all here to sharing our experience with OS X on our PC's (desktop, laptop, netbook...)


but we don't "buy" all of this !


if you want to pay someone who helped you, it's your right, but not in the walls of this forum ! ;)



good luck for the continuation ! ;)



Cordially, staff

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try shades.app for brightness


I use this app, but It makes the screen look gray and its not good enough. I perfer a real soultion, here are my options.


1: Either I buy a different laptop that is more compatible (not everything will work)

2: Or I buy a Macbook to save me the headache (Expensive)

3: Or I buy an external display and adjust brightness from there (it limits me to indoor uses)

4: Or I find someone with DSDT experience to write one for my laptop


What is more to be added to the list? I want to find the best solution out there.

Edited by eep357
no bribes please

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I actually use shades on macbook :) since you can change the tint color to anything you want, it's actually quite a bit more useful than built in brightness control. Anyway, extract and post clean DSDT and will add brightness edits along with a few different possible kexts to try with it, but no guarantees it will work

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Wait a second.....So on my MacBook, using the brightness slider in display preferences it also behaves just as you described, very little change in brightness then goes full dark. Using the brightness keys, I get a bit more dimming before it goes fully black, but since it has fluorescent back light and not LED, it uses a ballast and it is not physically possible to dim beyond a limited amount (try using a fluorescent bulb on a dimmer switch at home and you'll see what I mean). Check that you have brightness keys mapped in keyboard shortcuts. If brightness keys already work, you have fully working brightness control as good as it will ever be, your Acer has what they call High Brightness LED LCD screen so is possible that may limit dimming abilities a bit. P.S. I use a very dark blue tint in Shades to give a soothing cool tint to the screen when used (helps tired eyes), and when combined with built in brightness control can get the brightness exactly how I want it, with no grey.


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