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[FIXED] TP-Link TL-WN822N - USB Atheros Adapter

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I have successfully setup my hackintosh with Hazard 10.6.2 and everything is working flawlessly, except my internet.


I have the wireless USB adapter listed in the title, but can't get it to work. Under System Profiler its listed, and says its manufactured by Atheros, so I guess there is an Atheros chip on board but I have on idea how to find out which one.


I was wondering if it would be possible to get this working? I have searched all over the internet and can only find ways to get Ralink USBs working, not Atheros. :(






After searching the internet and finding very little information on this adaptor, I did make one discovery. It is best to use an Atheros chip in PCI Cards, but for USB Adaptors it is best to have a Ralink chip as they have their own wireless utility for OS X. On this basis, I gave up trying to make this work.

Instead I went out to Argos and bought their cheapest USB Adaptor at £9.99. It is the TP-Link TL-WN723N. I bought this due to first looking at this post and deciding to take a chance on the driver. I followed the install, and although it isn't working at rocket-fast speed, it is working at a highly acceptable speed and the biggest plus: I'm writing this post from my Hackintosh now!! Also the speed is very much due to my router being the furthest away from my computer as you can get in the house (but it still gets a great signal as it's wireless N!) and my internet runs very slowly, at very best it is roughly 2.4Mbps.


I think that post was worth a special mention and not only is it one of the cheapest wireless N adaptors, it must be one of the cheapest USB adaptors for hackintosh anyway! So this is another USB adaptor you can add to the working list - I'm running on 10.6.2, but there are drivers from 10.4-10.7. Very happy!! This isn't the best fix for the adaptor, but at £9.99 it's definitely worth going out and buying!

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