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Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Lenovo T410 Intel HD Graphics

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Here's my last experience from installing ML 10.8.2 on Lenovo T410 notebook.
I couldn’t find any full guide for this model so decided to write one.

Model: Lenovo/ThinkPad T410 15"
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333mhz (Ramaxel)
HDD: 320GB 7200RPM

Trackpad (even two finger scrolling gesture)
1280x800 resolution (the optimal for this monitor)
LAN interface
Audio ( fully working but running "sound assertion" error on system log )
Battery indicator

Not Working:
Full GFX (QE/CI)
Wifi (will never be supported)

Tools needed:
###### USB drive with the Mountain Lion 10.8 installation.
###### 5.1.3
10.8.2 Apple’s update combo
Kext kit + DSDT provided by Joshhh - Thanks!

1. Prepare ###### 10.8 drive according to this guide (perform only steps 1-2):

Link removed - Read our Rules
2. Do not eject the USB drive from the Mac it is currently on yet.
Remove all AppleIntelHD kexts from USB drive:
open terminal
cd /Volumes/USB/System/Library/Extensions (or whatever mount it is on)
mv AppleIntelHD* /var/tmp/backup

you may now eject it.

3. Stick ###### drive on Lenovo T410
boot into USB installation using following flags:

-v npci=0x2000

4. Proceed with installation process.

5. Once install is finished, and rebooted,
choose your HDD drive.
Don’t forget the npci=0x2000 flag (Step 3)

Welcome to ML - complete the first time boot process.

If OSX fails to start at this point;
Boot into single user mode ( -s )
Perform step 7 below.

6. Run the 10.8.2 Combo Update

Do not reboot when finished!

7. Remove all AppleIntelHD kexts from Mac drive:
open terminal
cd /System/Library/Extensions
mkdir /var/tmp/backup; mv AppleIntelHD* /var/tmp/backup

8. Run ###### 5.1.3
Check only “UserDSDT or DSDT free Installation”

9. Extract Kext kit + DSDT provided by Joshhh.
Copy all Kext files to your desktop.
Copy following files to your HDD /Extra folder:
* DSDT.aml
* org.chameleon.Boot.plist
* smbios.plist

10. Run ######
This will apply the kexts from your desktop.

11. Verify Kexts installation and clean cache (just to be safe)
open terminal
sudo kextcache -system-cache

If all OK, you may now reboot.


Edited by Allan
Tonymac links removed.

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Thanks mate, great guide - worked perfectly on T510 onboard GFX only model.


To get Quartz Extreme and custom res, follow this guide



To get screen working after sleep, follow this guide


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