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Reality Distortion Field

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"Go ahead, just try to play Halo on a budget PC. Most say they’re good for 2D games only. That’s because an “integrated Intel graphics” chip steals power from the CPU and siphons off memory from system-level RAM."


From Apples Mac mini-Website



And now consider, that this chip, which "steals power from the CPU and siphons off memory from system-level RAM" supports Tiger's CoreImage-technology and this 32MB piece of {censored} in the mini does not.


It's just frustrating to see, what you can get for 900$ bucks on the pc-market in comparison to the mac-market.


I'd really like to buy a Mac, but not at all costs. There's always something that makes it impossible to me to buy one of these things.

If it's the poor and not exchangeable graphicscard (Mac mini and i/Powerbooks), or the integrated monitor (iMac) or the exorbitant prices (PowerMac) - it's always something. ;)

I want a PowerMac mini - affordable power.

It is possible. Dell and all the others are showing us...

It's hard to believe that someone, who is creating such a brilliant software like OSX and iLife is such a horrible hardware manufacturer. :)

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Look at what apple is making with the iPod nano. $200 MSRP and they make $100 PROFIT on each one. If you read the article written by Time magazine, you will find that steve has almost NEVER sold a product which Apple didn't make 30% or more on, and only decreased the margin if the product was a complete flop. This is good for apple financially, as while they may sell 1/25 of the computers that Dell does, they make about 10 times as much profit as dell.

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