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Some issues with 10.6.8 and ThinkPad T60

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There's no general lag now and the wifi works again :)

But i have some other issues like flash video lagging (videos from disk play smooth) and sleep not working properly, the computer goes to and back from sleep only the LCD backlight doesn't turn on after sleep so i get a black screen (though it is turned on and showing barely visible graphics).


I've done some lurking and found that if your GPU works OOB or you have a kext for it then you should settle for one method. Either GraphicsEnabler, or EFI string or Kext but not all of them, so i've disabled GraphicsEnabler. But the flash lag persists..





- - - (the stuff below this text is now solved thanks to fantomas1) - - -

Just recently i changed the internal wifi on my T60 thinkpad to a broadcom bcm94311mcg which worked oob. Then, yesterday i updated to 10.6.8 and it broke the wifi (shown as turned off in settings) and every app including the os itself lags when ever i open a new finder window, a menu, or an app.

Do you guys know what is causing this?

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at first :


Please remember that you are in a public forum, a bit of courtesy is always welcome. It's always nice to start by saying "Hi" or "Hello" before asking a question or seeking help.


and then:


If you have a question please do your best to use the search feature and search the forum before creating a new topic.


see here:





Good luck




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According to Himlaklar in this thread turning off hardware acceleration in the settings of flash player should fix the lag. So far it seems like it's working. I'll report after more comprehensive testing.


It turns out it didn't work. Still got lag with all flash videos..

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      (Usei o clover configurator pra montar a partição efi)
      4 - Pressionar F12 na inicialização do Notebook pra escolher o pendrive como disco de boot
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      Audio (voodoo)
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      Nvidia gtx 1060
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      Screenshot de tudo que é reconhecido no DPCIManager 
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      you helped me with dsdt and everything working fine .
      I fix the audio issue.
      I need to add wifi bcm4360 original apple to dsdt to be  en0 all the time 
      also to add it to pci list.
      and I change from gtx970 to AMD radeon pro rx580 and I have issue with vtencoderxpcservice that make my cpu 300% and high temperature . with Nvidia it doesn't happen.
      I search the internet days and night and try to fix this issue no luck.
      best regards
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      I just don't know what the hell to do with this issue and I was wondering if you might please have any ideas??
      Sorry to bother you and thanks for all your help!
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      hello. Can you please share instructions and files to get OSX working on a dual 2011 setup? you included a link to sixflow but it's not loading anymore. Thanks
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