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Mountain Lion Synaptics multi-touch?

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Hi I have a MSI gt60 that haves a Synaptics touchpad. Can I enable support for multi touch? I dont want gestures only vertical scrolling with 2 fingers.

I have readed other topics but no one talks about multi touch on Mountain Lion. Any tips?



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Synaptics only support 2 finger scrolling.

BTW, it does support more fingers. But 2 finger = 3 fingers = 4 fingers = 5 fingers = 6 fingers = 7 fingers = 8 fingers = 9 fingers = 10 fingers = scrolling


Elan's trackpad has been developed to support some kind of multi-gesture. But there ain't developments for Synaptics for a longlong time.

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BTW, it does support more fingers. But 2 finger = 3 fingers = 4 fingers = 5 fingers = 6 fingers = 7 fingers = 8 fingers = 9 fingers = 10 fingers = scrolling

You are insane... welcome to insanelymac! :welcomeani:

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      By using the latest version of the OSXLatitude's ALPS driver, the one which is merged with Rehabman's. Now everything smooth as it can be.
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