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[NEED HELP] Failing to patch Apple HDA for ALC 269

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Hello, guys! Everybody's fine?


I've been trying these days the dsdt way aiming at get rid of the most legacy kexts i can. For a couple of days now, i've been unsuccessfully trying to make AppleHDA load with my ALC 269 so i can stop using VoodooHDA.


Tried some methods for AppleHDA patching i learnt here on insanelymac and elsewhere. Tried also a lot of already patched HDAs with and without dsdt edits. Finally, i tried the command line autopatch tool available at this subforum. All of them resulted in absolutely no success.


I confess that i couldn't follow one step that now i'm thinking that should be crucial to get the work done: the Linux CodecDump, since i don't use Linux (or Windows, by the way). Could it be indeed the cause of my failure? Is there any alternative around?


I'll attach my patched dsdt, so if someone has time and wan't to check it out, maybe helps me in finding something.


Thank you very much in advance!


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Hi, artur-pt!


So i'm completely lost here. What a difficult thing to fix! I think i need an alternative to Linux Codec Dump, since it's the only step i'm missing. Tried to find something in google, surely i need to do a better research on this if i don't want to be stuck here.


Thank you very much indeed.


P.S.: This info i found on my everest report (the one i made before installing OSX on my netbook, some months ago):



High Definition Audio:

codec name Realtek ALC269

codec id 10EC0269h / 104383CEh

CODEC rev 00100004h





[ Realtek ALC269 ]


Device properties:

device Realtek ALC269

device description (Windows) Realtek High Definition Audio

device type Audio

bus type HDAUDIO

device identification 10EC-0269

Subsystem ID 1043-83CE

Revision 1000

Hardware ID HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0269&SUBSYS_104383CE&REV_1000


Can this help me somehow?

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