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DSDT/SMBios and Sleep

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I flashed my BIOS with the latest 1617-modified BIOS from biosrepo.wordpress.com. This allowed me to install 10.8.0 without any issues. With help from Rampage Dev, I got a working DSDT for the rest of the system functions to work fine. Before I installed the Extras Folder (that included the DSDT, org.chameleon.boot.plist and SMBios.plst) the sleep function worked due to the modded BIOS. However now that those files are installed the system will no longer sleep. What in these 3 files would cause that? Can I remove that part of the file to fix the sleep but not damage the rest?


Also as a note.. My system showed that it was an iMac 12,1 but now it shows as a Mac Pro because the SMBios shows its a Mac Pro 3,1. Could this affect the sleep function?


Attached are the files that I installed.




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