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Black Screen on Boot after com.apple.Boot.plist change


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Hi all


On Enter - thnx Administrator's for made this forum - this is my osx86 Bible :)

I looked other WWW for help, but I didn't found (and used "search" on this board :) ).


After succes instalation osx 10.4.7 JaS, and few changes (audio kext edit etc.) I tryed change displ resolution on 1280x1024. 1024x768 works perfect, but icons are too large :blink:. After add key and string to com.apple.Boot.plist and restart my OS doesn't won't display any graphics (only Black Screen after Darvin loader - I can press F8 and display boot options, but after type -v -s - Black Screen) - HDD lamp blinking, so probably system load properly - only without displaying :D


How can I change com.apple.Boot.plist to default? It's possible to boot from Install DVD, using terminal and change this file? Maybe special command on boot?


Please help


My configuration:

D805@3,3Ghz (recognized as 3,8 GHz)

Asus P5LD2

Sapphire x550


Sound OnBoard - Working

Sound on PCI (Maya 44 mk II) - not working :(

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"Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" -v -s and "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" -v -s


doesnt work :) My monitor display message "out of scan range" and still black screen


"i think you can try an osx86 dvd and use the terminal in that to edit the plist."


How to enter on my OS partition from DVD terminal? Plese write me some commands

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Hi, Codec


I think u have to mug up ur head a little but playing with "Hackintosh" is not that easy I hope u understand. Before try the DVD option u can try this......


Step 1)

Enter the "Darwin" boot prompt and write '?video' (neglecting the ' commas ofcourse!)


Step 2)

A list of "Graphics Mode" supported by ur system is displayed then select an appropriate "Graphics Mode" for ur system from the list. Note it down so that u dont forget it.


Step 3)

Now u r again at the boot prompt write ' "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" ' (neglecting the ' commas but not the " commas). I selected 1024x768 resolution add the x32 which is the color depth.


Step 4)

If ur computer now boots with the resolution, time to make it permanent or else carry the whole procedure with another resolution again.


Step 5)

To make the resolution permanent....


Open a Terminal (in Applications), write 'sudo -s' and 'cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration'. Now type 'pico com.apple.Boot.plist' and in this file, add after the other options '<key>Graphics Mode</key>' followed by '<string>1024x768x32</string>'. Reboot to test.






"Live and Let Live!!!"


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THNX Domino & dark.developer :pirate2: !! (it's so siple :dev:)


but I don't understand something:

when I type ?video - my system show me:

Mode 118: 1024x768x32

Mode 124: 1280x1024x32

,so higher resolution than 1024x768 is supported. When I put 1280x1024x32 into strings system doesn't wont boot (black screen), but when I change string on 1024x768x32 into com.apple.Boot.plist everything works fine. Any idea?

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