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    • By Mr.Darkwraith
      Is it possible to install/run Android TV/x86 on the 1st generation Apple TV?
    • By Shmexytaco
      Note: This thread could belong under the Applescript section, but it's more of a stand alone app than a script for anything.
      This is beta software. I am not responsible for any issues you make encounter!
      Hey guys,
      About two days ago, an idea popped into my head: files are just groups of 1's and 0's put together, and I can read them as raw data and output them as text with XXD. Then I remembered that Google Docs files within Google Drive don't count against your storage... And then I remembered there was a command-line interface for Google Drive.
      With the news of OneDrive changing their storage limits, it reminded me of how much stuff I actually store in the cloud, and how impractical it would be to keep paying for more and more space. Sure, there are some gimmicky tricks using shared folders and multiple accounts, but that's just too complicated. I suppose you could argue that this project is a bit gimmicky as well, but I digress...
      So a few days and a few all nighters later, I present to you FullSpeed for drive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymc218mx8opmdcc/FullSpeed.tar?dl=0 I'm still updating it very frequently, which is why I linked to it rather than uploading them with this post.
      Normal files can coexist peacefully with FullSpeed files, as long as there aren't any instances of the phrase "█FullSpeed" in any of the file names except ones uploaded by FullSpeed.
      Anyway, I'd love your feedback! I'm still working on updates for it, so check back regularly for new versions!