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Acer Aspire one ZG5 help (newbie here... :( )

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Hello community, at first please excuse my poor english, i'll do my best for you to understand my problem here.


Here comes one with strong will to tryout the goodies of OSX but with unsufficient knowlage of one. :)


So basicly i've got Acer aspire one zg5 with preinstalled OSX on it and i...(its too hard to confess..)..i pressed 'update' and from then to now (3 days) been trying to fix things with very bad luck.. :(

So situation here is like this.


I have Chameleon bootloader with MacOS icon and if i press it is says that resume img is too old by xxxxx seconds and if i use ForceWake=y it says that root uid could not be found.


I've tryed few tutorials of fresh installation (I dont have any mac near)

this is what I've been doing:

-TransMac - format drive with image - been trying iATKOS_L2, iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 and Kalyway_10.5.2_Intel_Amd.

-With iAtkos i get extra icon looking like hd and when i choose it it boots but gets stuck on apple icon forever, if i use verbose it gets to the black screen...later i saw that it wasn't successefully installed on aaozg5 at all...

-iDeneb does the same thing like iatkos but on verbose mode i get message "Couldn't uncompress plist on multikext at archive 0"

-with Kalyway i get bootmanager and it is completely fuc*** up, i mean graphically...when i choose it it starts to load, i can see that something is going on but eventualy it breaks with same message like ideneb.


So..what am i doing wrong guys? i see that other guys talk about some kext files, should i add them and how? are theese some kind of sys call extensions?


Pls help, i was so happy theese 3 hours i had "MAC"... :)

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