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XP on second hard drive on Mac Pro


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Happy that all is working good so decided to share some light how I did it.


First of all this was unsuccessful Vista installation but it turned out as perfect XP installation.

Usuccessful cause my Nvidia 7300 GT wouldn't find available resources so driver wouldn't load. So i went to install XP instead on second drive.


1. Slipped new SATA hardrive in available slot


2. Prepared harddrive with Bootcamp as for XP only


3. Started XP install but couldn't install on partition Bootcamp made (XP is complaining that it has to write some data to Mac drive which of course it can't). It didn't let me format partition on second drive to NTFS so nothing happened.


4. Then I decided to install Vista RC1 instead. With Vista install I was able to delete Bootcamp 200Mb partition and second partition on drive and created one which I formatted to NTFS. All went well but Nvidia problem made Vista useless.


5. After full Vista install i've put XP CD in drive and restarted, chose XP CD holding option key on Mac start and reformated now available Vista partition to NTFS again. Completed XP installation as usual. Installed new Bootcamp drivers and everything is working as expected. All hardrives are in UDMA mode 5.


Everything is mega fast. in my opinion faster than OSX :)

I think I'm gonna stick to XP until all software that I use everyday is UB


Maybe you don't need Vista DVD at all but this is how it turned out for me.


That's it :) Hope it helps someone

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