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Need help getting HighPoint Rocket 620 w/ SSD to work

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Hey guys,


I'm running 10.8.1 and almost everything's great.

I got this HighPoint Rocket 620-OEM PCI-Express and an OCZ agility 180GB SSD.

The OSX is installed on the SSD but i'm using it without the the HighPoint card, connected directly to the motherboard.

Since this motherboard doesn't support SATA 6.0 the HD speed is about 60mbps :(.

The motherboard can't boot using the HighPoint card even though it has Bootable add-in cards feature.

So I thought about installing Chimera bootloader on a second Hard drive (HFS formatted of course).

Then I'll boot with the HighPoint card connected to the SSD, so I'll get the whole SSD speed.

Is it possible? another question is will it work if the 2nd hard drive on which I'll install the bootloader, will be able to boot when the HFS partition is the second to an NTFS one?



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It's the second installation because I had Niresh 10.7 and I wanted a clean 10.8.

What about my questions please?

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