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dual/triple display with GT 520 on SL

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I have a studio where I've got a 7.1 room where I do film sound design and track laying. I work on pro tools 9 so I needed a system that can run Snow Leopard and my Pro tools HD3 PCI cards. I was limited to only a few motherboards as I needed native PCI slots as bridged slots in more advanced motherboards dont work with the PCI cards.


Core i7 3770K Ivy 3.4GHz
Gigabyte P75 D3 Mobo based on the B75 Chipset
Palit GT 520 Graphics
16 GB DDR3 1600MHz memory
Pro Tools HD3 with 192 IO


I have finally, after 5 days, been able to setup my system to work flawlessly with my hardware setup and get everything recognized. The only issue right now is the graphics card which is not being detected at all even with the regular NVidia kexts installed. Because of this I cant setup dual/triple display to complete my setup.

Things I have tried

I have a projector that I use for video output through pro tools which is connected via DVI and connecting that alone to my graphics card does'nt give out any signal. The HDMI port gives output but only at 1024x768 in a windowed mode. The VGA port works but also in just 1024x768. I need at least my projector (DVI) and one monitor (VGA/HDMI) to work to give me a working setup. So only one port works at a time and that too only HDMI/VGA and not DVI. Right now I have removed all graphics kexts from my system (NV*,ATI*,Ge*) so right now nothing is installed for graphics except the GraphicsEnabler=yes/PCIRoot=1 flag in the boot.plist and with it my system boots fine with no KP's.

Please help me guys to setup this machine as I really need to get going with my work and its just taking too long a time to work right. I have the hardware that I have and I cant change anything major now. I am open to changing the GPU with a cheap alternative ti give me a working setup if its confirmed to work right.

Help me!

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The retail drivers and the patch dont work.. the drivers would'nt install on 10.6.8 so I extracted the driver package and tried installing... the system still boots fine but no graphics yet!!

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None of the retail drivers worked so I finally bought a asus hd 5450 silent and got my graphics working with 2 displays.


Thx for the help!

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