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ML Install Failed on HP 6b02tx

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just tried to install Niresh ML on my HP 6b02tx in internal HDD but after few minutes got install failed. Screenshot attached.


Laptop Spec:


i5 2340M

4 gb ram

500 GB HDD

ATI 6770M




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Yup, looks like the installation failed. Try not using some random P-bay download.

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    • Does your XHC2 device still shows in IORegistry? I'm surprised it would with just the SSDT the USB controller is by default attached to PCI0.RP01.SLT1 You're only disabling PXSX device... Unless you renamed SLT1 into XHC2 in Clover hot patch of course...
    • hello @vandroiy2012   I have new new codec. ALC1220 - LayoutID13 (0D) for Clevo P950HR or compatible
      can you please added the new codec?
      many thanks
    • Hi @obus 1) your MSR 0xE2 is unlocked. (period :P ) 2) also 0x7e000003 means unlocked and in some case it means reprogrammed with a kernel patch (see my post of my thread when I expose @SammlerG patches in solution 2 KGP guides is a specific and extensive x299 guide (Asus in particular) and 79xx CPU not xeon. In that guide I can't see any evidence of a xeon like yours having success..or maybe Am I missing something there? So I have to repeat my self: 1a) is your system stable? can you post different try with cinebencz, Luxmark3.1, Geekbench before a after a sleep/wake cycle?(testing cpu/gpu more time) and compare results? 2a) in those conditions check temperatures if are the same or not If all of these conditions are verified.. Be happy!. Xeon is different Also my kind of cpu (similar to mine but not xeon can boot without a fakecpuid or similar hack for kernel) xeon NO! Be happy and try to find some user with a similar rig to yours :)