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[GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

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Oh you know what it probably is, our cards are slightly different I bet. Load up Ubuntu, open Terminal, type in LSPCI and copy the printout and paste it here, do the same with the readout of LSUSB.


I'm guessing the hardware IDs are slightly different, there are a few "versions" of this card, in general there are multiple versions of cards, but the kexts I used and uploaded were actually edited for my card's IDs. You might try the original set of kexts for WiFi, I believe it's on OSX86.net, Google a little bit it should be easy to find, but do that and try that out before going through all the Ubuntu stuff... Also, what about Bluetooth? Does that work in the Hackintosh? Keep in mind even though WiFi and Bluetooth are on the same AR5B195 card, WiFi operates on the PCI bus while Bluetooth uses the USB bus, at least on our laptop and probably all the similar HP laptops of 2012/2013 (so Bluetooth doesn't work after a sleep resume with the Hackintosh setup but WiFi does). I know I/we (eep357 has been helping a lot) had to edit the Bluetooth kexts, I think because of the USB bus thing, because the norm is for WiFi and Bluetooth to both run off of PCI, or at least that's how I understand it.

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I assume you're probably pulling the vendor and hardware ids with that command. I have a Dell model, Dell 1702 I think.


Ven 168C DEV 002B Subsys 02051028


there was a revision but I didn't copy that down. Give me a second and I'll post what Ubuntu states.

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Yep. We'll resume this tomorrow, but you don't have an HP m6-1045dx? You're using a Dell... I'm guessing with the same specs, Ivy Bridge i5 3210M, HD4000, HM77 chipset?

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M6-1045DX, bought a Dell 1702 because it's a AR5B195. Didn't realize that would be a big issue.


I downloaded a kext from osx86 for the AR5B195, added my 168c and 2b and restarted. Wifi works now! Thanks a lot for the help and suggestions. Time to start working on the other bugs.

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My battery monitor isn't working. I tried a couple kext's from google/osx86 and now I'm getting a KP stating I'm missing 2 files. I formatted my myHack flash drive for data transfers and don't have a mac nearby to create a new one. Is there any other repair methods? I have a .iso of ML, official disc of Snow Leopard, i_boot for 10.6 and i_boot for 10.8.

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I had to remake the myHack USB a few times... I have a few laptop hard drives and a few flash drives, so at one time I had a secondary hard drive with Windows and Mac OS X in a VM on it and two myHack USB drives. Without a Mac to use, you need a VM of OS X, and that can be done with Ubuntu or Windows.


I've never had any luck with disks, I have something like 10 different ones for Hackintoshing, bootloader disks, iAtkos disks, pure OS X disks... It's a mess.

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Yeah, finally after 3 or 4 myHack flash drives and a couple weird touchpad issues, I finally got Mac OS back on it. Time to do the kexts again. Thanks again btw for the pack.

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anyone have a minor link for the gatsby pack?



I second this. Haven't been in the Hackintosh game for a while, just came back to check in... The files should still be up, but it seems Google screwed up the goo.gl link so it doesn't know where to redirect to.... Nor do I, I think it's in a DropBox account I forgot I had, to be honest.


If anyone has it, I'd be much obliged if you sent it to me so I can update the link... Or if you want to host it, that's cool too.

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So I finally found the Gatsby Kext Pack:




And the Gatsby Everything Else Pack:





They may be older versions, but it's better than nothing, right?

I am happy to report that, I have Installed Mavericks on my 1045dx following your guide and the Kext Packs you provided. I will try installing Yosemite :)

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      BrcmFirmwareData.kext | Needed for my WLAN/Bluetooth Card 
      BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext | Needed for my WLAN/Bluetooth Card 
      BrcmPatchRAM2.kext | Needed for my WLAN/Bluetooth Card 
      CodecCommander.kext | Fix Problems after Sleep
      CPUFriend.kext | Perfect Power Management for my CPU
      CPUFriendDataProvider.kext | Perfect Power Management for my CPU
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