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Ivy Bridge, 10.8, only boots with cpus=1

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Hey all,


I've been a member here for a little bit now, but this is my first actual post, all apologies if it is in the wrong place.



So I've determined that the HD4000 is enabled in Mountain Lion here, but videos only play if they're really small (standard YouTube videos don't show video, just audio). Since the Ivy Bridge i5 is an APU, it makes sense to say that because I get a kernel panic if I don't boot with cpus=1 (I only have one of four threads working for me), perhaps there simply isn't enough power for a video, I mean sliding to the left (Mission Control?) is really glitchy and laggy, half the time the OS just lags anyway because I'm using iTunes and Chrome at the same time and they're both doing something.


So why do I get a kernel panic with the standard setup for the i5? Any ideas or tips?



Specs: Ivy Bridge i5 with H77 "Panther Point" Chipset, Intel 330 240GB SSD, laptop model is HP m6-1045dx.



Thank you!

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