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[Guide] Lenovo B570 with Mountain Lion

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Dear experts! Please, who can explain the nature of artefacts on the screen that appear from time to time despite everything. And what can be the reason for hanging/freezing the system randomly (once/twice a day/ in two days/etc). Overheating? But thermal paste on CPU and VIDEOCARD was replaced and the CPU temp ranges 45-69 degrees (depending on workload). OSX was re-installed for several times, all updates were applied (including chamelion and fake smc updates, etc), yet the problem with system hanging remained. 

With Ububtu the same laptop works perfectly - neither artefacts nor hangs/freeze.

Thank you!


P.S. Hanging of the system is the major problem for me and I hope sombody hint me the reason for it.

Lenovo b570/HD 3000/8 RAM/ OSX 10.8.3. 

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Hello everyone.

I am trying to install MAC OS Mountain Lion on my Lenovo B570e. The specs are:

Core i5 2450m

4gb ram

Intel HD Graphics 3000


I am using iAtkos ML2 and for installing I am able to reach the installer screen by using -x command.

Can anyone please tell which options to select in  the custom options? I have tried a few but after installation when i boot into MAC with -x -v it just freezes at some point.



I installed mac os 10.8.2 using iAtkosML2 and then updated to 10.8.4 successfully. the only problem i am facing is that wireless is not working. if i keep the wireless turned on in bios, mac doesnt boot. when i turn it off it does boot properly. Another problem i am facing is that the trackpad is working but there is no scroll no multi touch.
wireless card: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
trackpad: elan Lenovo pointing device
also if anyone could tell me how to test if the power management is working properly or not.
Thank you.

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Successfully installed ML2 on my Lenovo too(i3 CPU)

But I have still some problems.

For example the touchpad. It doesn't support Multitouch for some reason. I had Lion before, so I know that Multitouch has to work normally.

The same goes to the audio.


I read that here that I should easily just take the kexts which were given in iAtkos L2 (which I had installed) but surprisely I cannot open the the content of the image.

When I'm mounting the .dmg file I can see iAtkos L2 on my desktop and normally I right click on that and show the package content.

But there is no option. There is also another weird thing, when I double click on L2, I see just an empty window with the iAtkos L2 background, but nothing else to click.


How can I extract the kext from there, or could somebody upload them for me?

I would like the AppleHDA, VoodoHDA and everything what is connected to the mouse and keyboard :D


edit: Audio works now with the latest Voodoo-driver. Tried also the ps2-Kexts from iAtkos L2 but still no MultiTouch-Support. OS X doesn't find ApplesSynapticsTrackpad, so it says ^^

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