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Nvidia GTX 560 poor performance

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I have a PNY brand Nvidia GTX560 OC 1024mb graphics card (not Ti). I am currently working fairly well, with functioning sleep and QE/GL and resolution support. However graphics performance is not nearly as good as it should be. I have tried pre-made patched KEXT files, non of which worked, and some cause freezing or KP issues. I am currently using a patch which is stable, but is not enabling full acceleration.


From what I have read the Apple Graphics Power Management kext is the real key.


So can any point me to a real guide that not only tells me what I need to edit, but can actually explain what I am editing, and what the effects of changing the values really are. A guide that tells you what to do without telling you why you are doing it is next to useless, and in some cases can even guide you to screw up your system.


Here is what my machines profile is set to:


I am currently running just this one graphics card, an Intel i5 3.09 Ghz, 8 GB Corsair 1333 ram MB is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H

SMBios Mac Pro 3,1 (if I use other Mac Pro profiles, it will KP during boot)


If anyone here can either patch it correctly, or instruct me how to do so or link me to a page that properly explains how to do it, that would be wonderful. If you need more information about my setup, I would be happy to provide it if I missed anything.

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Ok, so I properly patched AGPM to support my card, and I can confirm using the console that the power states are in fact switching. The problem is that hit or miss, the performance is still very poor. I say hit and mis because without any changes, it will sometimes score ~34 fps in Cinebench, and then other times it will score about ~17 fps. I cannot see any obvious reasons why that would be.

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Apple Graphics Power Management will not load using Mac Pro 3,1. You must use Mac Pro 4,1 or 5,1. Use myHack to remove problimatic extentions and you will be good to go. Also install the retail drivers from Nvidia. Read my guide here for both Lion and ML because the editing is diffrent:



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