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Help with compaq presario amd and ideneb 1.3

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Hello, I have been trying to install ideneb on my Compaq presario CQ5210F. every time i try and load it after installation, it tells me I need to power off my computer.


Which options do I need to check in customization to get it to work?


Athlonll x2 215 ® 2.7 GHz (65W)

2000 MT/s (mega transfers/second)

socket AM3


GeForce 6150SE nForce 430



motherload Name: M2N68-LA

HP/Compaq motherboard name: Narra6-GL6





500GB Hardrive


Video Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 240


High Definition 6-channel audio, ALC888S chipset



I also do not have the option to change to AHCI but ive heard of others with the same comp being able to run osx

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