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10.8 stability ?


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Hi *


Week ago I upgraded my perfectly running 10.7.5 to 10.8.2.

Well - for 10.7.5 I don't recall within last half of Year KP with regs dump on screen.

With 10.8.2 I had 5 of them in week.

Initially I was thinking it is overclocking issue (I'm on Q6600@3.2) but after switching to factory defaults I have the same rate of KP.

Sad !

How 10.8.2 is running for You ppl ?

Where issue might be ?

Maybe Tim Cook is changing Apple strategy and now time is to monetize from all us so addicted to OSX that ready to spent $$$ for "real" HW ?


BTW: My HW: GA-P35-DS4 F14; Q6600@3.2 +50mV; 8G, 8400GS.

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With out pictures of the kernel panics there is not much we can do...


Thx for replay.

Indeed initially I was trying analyze traps for finding any rule here, but wasn't able.

Traps are OS uhandled (registers dump on user screen) with various trap types 0x0, 0x2, 0x3, etc.

T|hey apears in random monents: mouse movement, USB printer attachment, etc.

As my HW seems to be stable with 10.7.5 I think issue isn't causeed by HW instability.


I decidet to post here for advice/brainstorming how to start investigate problem.

I already tried with BIOS factory defaults - no change.

Main diferentces between 10.7.5 & 10.8.2 are:

-different OS

-different DSDT.aml (10.8.2 has freshly generated file)

-different chameleon rev (for 10.8.2 I have tu use latest one as with older I can't get 8400GS to work)

-different chameleon.plist (10.8.2 has added gfx DeviceProperties for 8400GS)


I'm wonder what part of my 10.8 install I should start investigating first: DSDT or chameleon ?


BTW: How in current OSX 10.7.5/10.8.2 CPU volgate is handled ?.

I remember in past, when I increase CPU voltage in BIOS, OSX iStat reflecting this. Now no mather what I set in BIOS, iStat shows always 1.22V.

Also temperatures are in constant range so it looks like BIOS settings are overriden by OS.

Is here any special thing I have to pay attention to ?

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