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GTX 550ti Optimization Help

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After a serious amount of trial and error I finally got OSX 10.7 (Updated to 10.7.3) running on my machine pretty much flawlessly.


OSX 10.7.3

Chameleon vR2.1

Not using DSDT yet


i7 Sandbridge

(3.4ghz Turboboost Issue to 3.8 not solved yet)

Intel DH67CL

(H67 Express Chipset)

(Turboboost support)

16g Corsair Ram

(Issue System profile reading only 4g Priority High)


GTX 550ti

(Benchmark 1100fps)


(Cuda driver v5.0.36 Installed)

(Nividia Web driver 127.00.00 Non-Installable but not needed, I think)

(OpenCl patch from ###### for 10.7.3 applied)

(Issue - OpenCL not working Priority Low)

(Issue - Resolution Maxed at 1280x1024 Priority High)

(Issue - 1536mb being displayed in system profile Priority Medium)

60gig SSD

(System Drive)

1.5 TB WD

(4 Partitions for Utility)

750Watt Coolmaster



NovaBenchmark Results



2012-10-04 16:39:52 +0000

Mac OS X 10.7.3

Intel Core i7 @ 3390 MHz

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti


4096 MB System RAM <<<<<< Annoying Issue / (Score: 138)

- RAM Speed: 8689 MB/s


CPU Tests (Score: 716)

- Floating Point Operations/Second: 263569616

- Integer Operations/Second: 589816448

- MD5 Hashes Calculated/Second: 1140226


Graphics Tests (Score: 311)

- 3D Frames Per Second: 1228


Hardware Tests (Score: 55)

- Primary Partition Capacity: 55 GB

- Drive Write Speed: 260 MB/s



Ill start with asking, how do I fix my resolution Issue? I know on the nivida site my card supports 2560x1600 Max. In the system preferences > Displays 1280x1024 Max. Tried graphicsmode = 2560x1600 no luck. I have a feeling an to edit a Kext somewhere must be made, inorder to add the reso?


Feel free to let me know what else I can do to optimize my Graphics!


My issue with OpenCL is that I believe its not enabled by default. Reading that from another guide on OpenCL Trouble shooting. Even after mutlibeast patch, when I run a OpenCL Tester my GPU isnt recognized as a OpenCL device.


Good info http://www.clbenchma...config=11982342


Update - Looking into nivida kext injectors for resolution issue. 12/4/2012

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