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[Solved] HSPA+ modem hs2340 kext


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Hi All,


I have ML installed on HP Elitebook 8460p which has a built-in HSPA+ mobile broadband modem HP hs2340. The modem is recognised by the system preferences and can be dialled but it doesn't connect and there is no related kext loaded.


Any one has a proper kext for this modem ?



Edit: to use the internal HSPA modem:

- Unarchive and put the attached scripts in /library/modem scripts

- in Network Preferences, select the Advanced tab of the HP hs2340 modem.

- Select the vendor as Other and select one of the scripts (CID 3 worked for me).

- Go back to the main page and type the APN in the Telephone number field.

- Apply and connect.


Good luck :)



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