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Is this even possible? (Dual boot, a few issues..)

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Hiya everybody, I got some issues here...


I've been searching loads of things about hackintosh and stuff everywhere but I couldn't find the answer for this..

My case seems to be so odd!


What I want to do is install Mountain Lion in the same drive as Windows 7 is installed (in a different partition obviously) and have dual boot with both.

I don't want to reinstall Windows or format anything in the drive (I already got a partition separated for Mountain Lion that can be formatted of whatever needed).

My disk is MBR and I'm using it in RAID with an SSD using the "Intel Smart Response Technology" (only for Windows, I suppose), and my MOBO has UEFI.

Another thing is that I don't have a Mac to use and prepare the USB drive (I'd prefer to install it from a USB drive).

(If REALLY necessary I can get to use my friend's Mac as a last resort..)



From what I've read my system should be compatible:


CPU: Intel Core i5 3450

MOBO: Asrock Z77E-ITX


RAM: 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance

HDD: 1.5TB Seagate (the main one) and 64GB Crucial M4 SSD (cache)




I need to have Mountain Lion just so I can use Logic Pro.. (I'm doing Music Uni)

And I can't live without Windows (Games and stuff)...


Is what I'm trying to do even possible? How?

If not, how can I make it work?

Any thoughts?



Thank you very much!

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Have you read my question entirely?

Is not only about installing Mountain Lion in the drive as Windows 7...

I've googled that and MILLIONS of other things and there always seems to be a problem with my setup, the way I want it...

Just so you know, I ALWAYS try to figure things out by myself reading other people's posts, but this is a real problem.. (specially cause I don't have Mac experience)..

It is the second time in my entire computer life that I get to post something...


Anyway.. If I just ignore some of those issues (such as MBR and RAID) and try to install it straight away, will it work?

What can I use to dual boot in a system with UEFI?

I don't wanna screw things up here..

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If this is your first attempt, I second that you should do it on two driver instead of with partitions. You could easily lose your Windows installation if you do something wrongly. MBR isn't an issue, just patch the installer for MBR installations.

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Thanks everyone,


I read somewhere that Charmeleon isn't compatible with UEFI systems, something like that.. Is it?


I'll grab another drive here.. When you say lose Windows installation you mean the Windows installation (boot stuff) or the whole drive?


Thanks again!

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He has win on MBR disk - meaning it's bios win install, not uefi. Mobo supports uefi, but Win is installed in legacy bios mode. Meaning - Chameleon would also be fine.

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