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10.6.2 Studio 1747?

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Hello everyone! New to the OSX86 concept! Just trying things out!


I have a Dell studio 1747 with an i7-720qm CPU, 8G Ram, 1GB ATI Radeon 560v, 1920x1080hd screen, dual hard drives, et cetera.


I have been able to ascertain some information so far using i snow portable 10.6.2. I also have a copy of 10.6 on DVD (I have a Intel powermac as well).


I discovered I need to use "mach_kernel maxmem=4087 busratio=12 cpus=8 -v" at the prompt. (I got through a "signal 8" error with the maxmem command). I can get this to start up and sort of work, after it lags on DSMOS for a short while, then continues. I get to the "Enjoy your mac" screen and it "hangs" with a blue background and a mouse (but I can still move the mouse like I'm waiting for something to load). I do this from a 32GB PNY flash drive set to boot. (I am doing testing for compatibility before I take the plunge completely).


does my machine have compatible kext files? Is it normal for a thumbdrive boot on USB 2.0 to run so slow?


Again, I'm brand new to all this, please be kind. I come for your wisdom, great deities of MACOSX86. (*humbly bows*)

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May I add that mine and the Studio 1558 (which I see in the compatibility list) are very similar in spec.


I will investigate that! Thank you!


Can I install this just to a thumb drive(to run for testing) or, at least, an external HD? Apologies if I missed it in the writeup.

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Okay. I followed the guide. I made the USB drive according to the instructions. I also have a USB 250GB hard drive ready to go. I start to get it going and it reboots/shuts off. (can't seem to catch a reboot reason with -v). I tried booting with mach_kernel maxmem=4087 -x -v, no luck. I see there are some custom files for the 1747 (.amls, etc) and I've downloaded them. Not totally sure what to do next.



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