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9800 GT woes (nvenabler, efi string, GE/Y and disappearing .plists)


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I've done a ton of leg work but still am coming up empty every time.


From another forum a user with my same setup reported enable the 9800's full graphics potential. He can now change resolutions, view duel screens and has QE.


Here's my setup:

GA-EP45T-DS3R w/ F4c beta BIOS

Sparkle 9800 GT, 512 DDR3

Quad Xeon processor @ 2.83


Post installation (used Tseug scripted method) I add EFI strings via OSX86 tools to org.chameleon.plist and also enable GE/yes.


Then I replace (per success story) NVDANV50Hal.kext with a DP4 I downloaded.


When I reboot it says the following in system profiler and has no video resolutions outside my default in org.chameleon.plist. (See screenshot)


I have three HD's with various versions of working installs in this box (10.5.7, 10.6.8) but I keep hitting the wall here on ML with this video resolution issue.


What makes matters worse, I use this system remotely (screen share) and the graphics issue causes the entire computer to choke. Really frustrating.




Lastly, I've read about people adding device Ids to their Nvidia kext files but when I check console, it says it "removed personalities from kernel" and sure enough when I view "show contents" on the specific kext, it deleted the info.plist file! Why is this happening on a fresh install?


Currently have two identically 10.8.2 installs (one of which I'm mucking up and then replace kext files again)


Anyone have any thoughts please?



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