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How can I repair my disk

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When getting this:




Disk Utility is unable to repair.


Also, why is something wrong with the disk in the first place?

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Hi Troy here - in answering I'll answer the second part first


Since OS X from Tiger 10.4 onwards has been built on BSD (unix varient) - you can get data corruption in the file system when and if files aren't closed properly (could be from a screwed up reboot / boot / or kernel panic) - most of the time you cannot perform a disk repair task on the boot volume (as it has too many "essential" files open and can't actually perform the repair whilst they are open. This is why you can overcome that problem by booting with your os x install dvd disc - the hard drive is therefore totally unlocked files wise and can be disk repaired using disk repair function in disk utility.


Generally speaking if there was something "physically" wrong with the disk the O/S - regardless of whether it be unix, os x, windows, linux or other - would not be able to successfully complete the installation process in the first place and generate a suitable error message.


Hope that helps answer your questions :)

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