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[Sell] Mac parts for sale! (Macpro G5, Computer Cases, Parts..)


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I'm currently, customizing to sell Macpro computer cases G5, for haxintosh. I'm working on selling the first modied case, whiten a month, I also have brand new macpro 1.1 cases, for sale as well, if you'd like to mod them yourself.


I also have computer mac parts, and accessorries out of five macpro g5; I might be interested in selling some macpro g5 cases as well.

So please PM me if intersted in that, or any other parts, I just might have them, so please post what parts you are seeking, and I'll get back to you.


Attach pictures show currrent progress.

taking a different approach, for modifying then I've seen from other mod sources.

in hopes that it keeps originatlity of the mac case, and more user service friendly.



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