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tv tuners with 10.4.6 or .7


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I've decided that now I want to add a TV tuner (w/remote) to my PC. I've seen a bunch of random posts all over about people that have and haven't gotten them to work. I'm am in no way trying to steal from those posts but I'd be nice to consolidate the info into one thread. So to the main question again....


What card or type is most compatible with a 'hacked' OSX box?


It'd be nice to find the card that's compatible with MythTV, etc...but I know I can't have everything. :censored2:

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I think the better will be to stick with USB devices, there are no UNIVERSAL PCI cards, so dont expect to find drivers for any pci card, maybe some PCIx for the macpro could be another solution.


Migla TV i think is one of the betters. i Nearly Brought one las time i was shopping around.

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I have a miglia MiniTV HD and love it. I also got a refurb EyeTV 500 from elgato for about 250 (No DRM and dual antenna). ATSC and Q-CAM HDTV Would recmmend both. The Migla is USB2, the EyeTV FIrewire.


What software are you using with the EyeTV500?

I am interested in getting one of there.

us$200 for refurb unit from Elgato.


How well does it work?

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this thread seems to have died... :) ...here's my attempt to revive it.


I'm almost tempted to try the HDHomeRun in my home. If a WinTV 350 card is ~130, then why not get one of these units for roughly 40 more? I just might have to do it soon...but, I need to see some reviews first.

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i have a pinnacle PCTV PRO

its pci and the chipset is BT878

in windows i use modified drivers ,i dont care about pinnacle's

do you think that there is any chance the mac to recognise the card?

pinnacle says that there are not any drivers for mac in this card

but,who f**s pinnacle

i think im gonna try that iTV when i reboot to OSx

it says that also adds a kernel,so maybe recognise my PCI TVtuner

who knwos..

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I am the proud owner of an Elgato EyeTV 500.


IT WORKS on my 10.4.7 system.

I am watching TV now.


This gizmo ONLY works on ATSC (Over the Air) or Unencrypted Clear QAM on cable

It does not do analog


Plugs into Firewire and comes with EyeTV software


More info at



Note - this is a discontinued unit.

Supposedly it was too expensive to make

and not enough customers

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