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Install without cd/dvd drive


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Hi all, i want to install ML on my pc, this is my situation:


1: I don't have a cd/dvd drive at the moment

2: I have a not working SL installation on my HD

3: My cpu doesn't support VT-X so i cannot run Snow Leopard in a Virtual machine


First of all i have tried everything to boot my existing SL, but keep showing "Error encountered while starting up your computer, pausing 5 seconds" And reboot.


Then i have a Leopard (10.5.5) virtual machine, i tried to run Multi for ML but seems not working. It stay stuck at "Installing Multi, Configuring Installation" and the progress bar not moving at all, i can see files being written to usb but really really slow... and after 4.67 GB have been copied, nothing happen.. I let it run for 4+ hours... I readed that Multi is only compatible with 10.6.7+, but since my cpu doesnt support VT-X i cant have Snow leopard working on virtual machine..


Then i tried iATKOS L2, i restored the dmg to usb with disk utility by reading guides, but doesnt boot from usb..


Then tried to create a Rescue USB with Multi by reading the guide on tonymacx86, and doesnt boot at all! Just freezes with a blinking underscore..

Tried many guides to have iB00t on usb.. only fail i got...


so i need help.. Thank you in advance..

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