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Iatkos 10.7.2 won't boot anymore?

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Hello gents,


The first time I installed Iatkos L2 everything was fine up until about week 3. I turned my PC on, but I couldn't boot up. Ended up re installing. Now, same thing...


I don't believe Apple updated to 10.7.5 or anything, but is that possible? I didn't tell it too...


I shut Lion down via my tower's power button, booted back up, and Lion acted wicked funky (a few programs were slow, I couldn't download/stream from youtube, weird stuff like that). I used to finally give me GraphicsEnabler=Yes (editing GE=Y in Mac doesn't work. I can only get GE=Y to work if I edit with champlist or Windows). I then booted Lion back up, but nothing... just an Apple logo. Took GE=Y out, same thing. Booted -v, kexts load, then I get a black screen with white text. I can't remember what exactly what the text was, but all I know is it is the EXACT text I get when I actually can get Lion to boot up. So I know the white text isn't signifying I have a kernal panic.


Did shutting down via power button mess my installation up? Did Lion update to 10.7.5 even though I didn't tell it to and never saw anything download or pop up telling me I was updating?


I really don't want to re install again only to find that the same thing will happen in 3 weeks...


Any help is appreciated.

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I installed L2 on another partition. Attached is disk utility. Lion is my original partition, lion2 is my new partition.


I couldn't repair the disk.


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I have tried for weeks to get a vanilla install working, but for some reason I just can't do it. I've followed guides (not many of them) to the letter for my mobo, but they never work. The only think I've found to work is Iatkos. I'll definitely give your guide a shot.


Also, I've got my PC back, so I'll be PMing you soon about my gfx cards.



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