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Dell XPS L701x ALMOST working... Just a little help please?


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Hi. I'v managed to get Iatkos L2 up and running on my dell XPS l701x, with a bit of searching and some help from the L702x Thread. I had to use a different DSDT file for the CPU, and everything works perfectly (3D graphics, Lan, USB 3 ect ect...) however the webcam does not work.


Looking into the L702x Thread, The Webcam is reported to work fine with there DSDT, so is there a way, using DSDT Editor to take the bit that makes the webcam work from that DSDT and merge it with the DSDT file that I'm using?


My Webcam is a Quanta USB 2.0 hd camera (exactly the same as the L702x)


Vendor ID : 0x0408 (quanta Computer Inc.)

Product ID: 0x2fb1


It does show up on the hardware profile.


Am I on the right track with this, or do I need to make a whole new DSDT file?


Thanks very much in advance,



I'm Really sorry. Im not quite sure how this got posted twice. Please delete one. :blush:


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