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Asus T91MT Installation Statup


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Hey Y'all


I have a Asus eeepc T9MT


I have attached a usb dvd drive to it and have the ideneb v1.3 trying to startup in it

This version is the only (that i know of) that will boot into the slash screen.


but it stalls halfway through the boot of the installer.

other computers will fully boot but the T91MT will stop.


When i typed "-v" in the boot options it stopped the Drive when it said : mDNSResponder[48]: getHelperPort : cannot contact helper

and at the very bottom line it said this : mDNSDynamicsStoreSetConfig: Match communication failed: (ipc/send) invalid destination port.


is this because of the fact that i didnt have network connect to it at the time of installation? or is that irreverent?




Thanks In advanced! :thumbsup_anim::king:

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